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CBT Nuggets - Cisco CCNA/CCENT - Exam-Pack 640-822: ICND1 [2007 г.]
Cisco CCNA/CCENT - Exam-Pack 640-822: ICND1
Производитель: [ Ссылки видят только зарегистрированные пользователи ]
Год выпуска: 2007
Язык: английский

Описание: Successful networking careers begin with Cisco CCENT certification and the fundamental knowledge it represents. Trainer Jeremy Cioara carefully explains the certification process by walking you through CCENT networking basics and mapping those basics directly to the exam. His organized and captivating presentation prepares new users for junior administrator positions and provides managers of any description with a sound understanding of what their technicians are talking about.
You proceed at your own pace, watching videos that break down the CCENT certification process and basic Cisco networking into bite-sized nuggets. Video by video you learn how to install, operate and troubleshoot a small enterprise branch network -- including basic network security.
Cisco CCNA/CCENT - Exam-Pack 640-822: ICND1 shows you how to be a subnetting master, teaches you about switches and routers, helps you understand essential protocols like TCP and UDP, explains cabling and networking, and covers exciting topics like wireless networking and Cisco's SDM graphic interface.
These videos go beyond simply prepping you for the CCENT test (although they're great test prep!). They also teach you skills you'll need day-in and day-out as a networking technician professional. Over and over again you'll draw on these videos as an indispensable reference tool. They also lay a terrific foundation for the follow-up CCNA exam and certification.The Cisco CCNA/CCENT - Exam-Pack 640-822: ICND1 contains:
- Welcome to Cisco CCENT! (free video!)
- Foundations: What is a Network?
- Foundations: Living in the OSI World
- Basic TCP/IP: Addressing Fundamentals
- Basic TCP/IP: TCP and UDP Communication
- Basic TCP/IP: Understanding Port Numbers
- Basic TCP/IP: The Tale of Two Packets
- LANs: Welcome to Ethernet
- LANs: Understanding the Physical Connections
- LANs: Understanding LAN Switches
- LANs: Working with the Cisco Switch IOS (free video!)
- LANs: Initial Setup of a Cisco Switch
- LANs: Configuring Switch Security
- LANs: Configuring Switch Security, Part 2
- LANs: Optimizing and Troubleshooting Switches
- Wireless: Understanding Wireless Networking
- Wireless: Wireless Security and Implementation
- Advanced TCP/IP: Working with Binary
- Advanced TCP/IP: IP Subnetting, Part 1
- Advanced TCP/IP: IP Subnetting, Part 2
- Advanced TCP/IP: IP Subnetting, Part 3
- Routing: Initial Router Configuration
- Routing: SDM and DHCP Server Configuration
- Routing: SDM and DHCP Server Configuration, Part 2
- Routing: Implementing Static Routing
- Routing: Implementing Dynamic Routing with RIP
- Routing: Internet Access with NAT and PAT
- Routing: WAN Connectivity
- Management and Security: Telnet, SSH, and CDP
- Management and Security: File Management
- Last Words for Test Takers

Видео кодек: Windows Media
Видео: Res: 800x600, Bitrate 40Kbps, Codec: Windows Media Video 9 Screen
Аудио: Windows Media Audio Voice 9
Тип файла: torrent
Тип файла: torrent

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